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    Iron Man 3
    The director of iron man 3 was shane black, The movie was about Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.)trying to take down an enemy named mandarin. All while his personal life is being destroyed.This movie is another great one in the series, Iron Man is my favorite super hero.

    The director of interstellar was Christopher Nolan, The movie was about cooper(matthew mcconaughey)analysing new planets to see if they have livable conditions.This is my favorite movie ever made but i am really into space travel i would reccomend this if you are a space kind of person.

    Don't Breath
    The director of Dont Breath was Fede Alvarez, The movie was about # teens getting traped in a blind mans house while they were robbing him. The blind man was a war vetran and could use his senses as an advantage. Only one of them escape, the girl named Rocky(Jane Levy).overall it was a good movie i would reccomend it.